“Screwing banks since 1992″: Indiana Lawyer Suspended Over Unprofessional Advertisements

I have previously written about how some attorneys continue to ignore bar standards encouraging firms to show basic professionalism and decorum in advertising from using sex dolls to raving like madmen. Now, an Indiana bankruptcy lawyer Brent Welke of Indianapolis has been suspended for 30 days in a rare sanction for improper advertising. Welke ran ads that said he has been “screwing banks since 1992.”

While we all agree that there is a free speech right to advertise and the vast majority of lawyers show great restraint in deference to the standards of our profession, there remain low lying fruit like Welke. Welke will remove ads proclaiming that he loves “screwing banks” as well as such statements as “Keep your property”, “Stop wage garnishments”, “Stop home foreclosure” and “Stop vehicle repossession.”

Welke’s current website and Facebook show a vicious dog and his Facebook proclaims “We love to take a bite out of a banker!”

Unfortunately, such sanctions remain relatively rare as a minority of lawyers engage in a race to the bottom with undignified and often misleading advertisements. Such attorneys appear to have little grounding in the either the ethics or values of this profession. His website says “Brent worked his way through law school developing the qualities you look for in an attorney, receiving his Law Degree from Indiana University, Bloomington.” That is certainly a shout out that Indiana University could probably do without.

Here is the order: Welke Decision


“Screwing banks since 1992″: Indiana Lawyer Suspended Over Unprofessional Advertisements