German Chancellor Merkel Continues To Lose Credibility On Free Speech Issues

Angela MerkelGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel keeps digging herself deeper with her latest statement regarding her government’s prosecution of satirist Jan Böhmermann at the behest of Turkish President. Now, the chancellor expresses her regrets for offering support to President Erdoğan at the expense of her countryman, claiming it was a “mistake”.


Last weekend I featured an article HERE describing how the all too eager German Federal Government initiated a prosecution against one of its own private citizens who criticized Turkish President Erdoğan in a poem he regarded as personally insulting. The most likely explanation for the lack of defense of her own citizen was to throw him under the bus to entreat Erdoğan and garner favorable action on the refugee situation in Germany.

A few weeks ago, Chancellor Merkel mentioned to the Turkish President during a telephone conversation that Mr. Böhmermann’s poem, televised on German television, was “deliberately offensive”. But now, she states “In hindsight, that was a mistake”.

If that was not enough she continued:

“I believe [allowing the investigation] to be correct, same as before. It allows German courts to decide, taking into account the presumption of innocence.”

[Freedom of Expression] is important to me, and it will continue to be important to me, and that guides me in all talks.”

Her remarks were made just prior to a scheduled state visit to Turkey where she will meet with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu to discuss the refugee crisis. She will not meet with Erdoğan. It seems that despite her kowtowing to Turkey’s president demand to prosecute Mr. Böhmermann, he wouldn’t even grant a visit, but then again “sic semper tyrannis”.  I doubt Mr. Böhmermann feels any sense of justice in that.

Nevertheless the German government continues to allow these injustices against its own citizens. And, now that its citizens are outraged, it has committed itself to a situation for which Ms. Merkel is certain to fail in digging herself out. Despite her claim that it is now in the hands of the court, there is no mention of reversing the process and leaving this man alone.

It seems Chancellor Merkel in washing her hands she sealed her political fate.


Source” Deutsche Welle

German Chancellor Merkel Continues To Lose Credibility On Free Speech Issues