The Farce That Is FOIA: The State Depart Stonewalled The AP For Three Years On Foundation Donor Story


StateDepartmentI recently discussed the implications ofAssociated Press story on access given to donors to the Clinton Foundation. However, what is not getting much attention is that the Obama Administration delayed these journalist investigators for THREE YEARS in seeking this information from the State Department. Three years and the AP had to go to court to secure what is clearly public information.

The Obama Administration is not unique in its resistance to disclosures, even in what President Obama once pledged would be the “most transparent” government in history. FOIA has long been reduced to a farce by bureaucrats who force public interest, reporters, and legal groups to go to court to secure information. The lack of outrage over what the AP was put through is ample proof that the government has won in harassing efforts to use FOIA. Only the most organized groups tend to persist in such efforts.

Hundreds of FOIA requests directed at the Clinton period at State appear to have been ignored. The Obama Administration had continued its litigate-first approach to FOIA. Indeed, it has asked for years of delay even when pulled into court.

Regardless of how you feel about the findings of the AP, the continued pattern of obstruction of FOIA should outrage all citizens.

The Farce That Is FOIA: The State Department Stonewalled The Associated Press For Three Years On Foundation Donor Story