Feds want facial biometrics that can idenitfy people based on facial hair, skin tone, weight and more

Jan 17, 2017

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) otherwise known as the Dept. of Commerce plans to evaluate facial biometrics for the government.

Beginning next month, the NIST will begin evaluating facial recognition technology algorithms. The NIST calls it the ‘Face Recognition Vendor Test‘ (FRVT).

Biometrics to identify people from photos, magazines, facial hair, skin tone etc.

“The FRVT is aimed at measurement of the performance of automated face recognition technologies applied to a wide range of civil, law enforcement and homeland security applications including verification of visa images, de-duplication of passports, recognition across photojournalism images, and identification of child exploitation victims.”

Page 7, Table 4 of the FRVT explains how people can be identified from booking photos, driver’s licenses, magazine photos and personal photos. (Click here & here to learn how states use biometrics to identify driver’s.)

Page 9, Table 10 of the FRVT explains how biometrics can identify a person using their skin type, facial hair, height & weight.

The Feds also want biometric cameras that can estimate a person’s age and sex.

The NIST is also evaluating fingerprint recognition systems for government use. The NIST calls it the ‘Minutiae Interoperability Exchange‘ or MINEX III.

Since 2014, the NIST has been working with NEC Corporation of America to install facial recognition cameras across the country.

NEC claims facial recognition cameras make cities safer
Image credit: NEC

According to NEC’s “It’s All About The Face (Facial Recognition)” whitepaper, retail stores and hotels in America have begun secretly using facial recognition cameras.

NEC’s money making slogan “We Make Cities Safer” is such a blatant misrepresentation of the truth, it makes me want to scream. NEC will stop at nothing to sell their invasive surveillance cameras to the Feds, cities, hotels and retail stores.(to learn more about NEC’s biometrics click here & here.)

“Already, a dozen top stores and exclusive hotels in Britain, America and Asia have been testing the face recognition technology provided by NEC. It works even when people wear sunglasses and other items that cause other face recognition technologies to stumble.”

Last year, I warned everyone that hotels, malls and retailers were using facial recognition cameras to spy on everyone. (KFC, just started using facial recognition in China.)

Hotels like the Hilton in Texas, admit to using 3VR facial recognition cameras, license plate recognition and advanced motion analytics to identify every guest. Fyi, the Hilton Americas-Houston hotel uses 130 surveillance cameras to spy on everyone.

It goes without saying, that DHS is behind the push to install facial recognition cameras everywhere. Page 11 of NEC’s whitepaper brags about being number one in DHS testing.

Retailers secretly use facial biometrics to spy on customers

Retailers can now “see” every single customer who walks into and uses that image data to estimate the typical gender and age of their clientele. All they need now is a camera, PC and a subscription to NEC’s cloud-based face recognition service.”

Page 9 of NEC’s whitepaper brags about how easy it is to “capture an image of someone’s face without consent.”

Feds provide retailers, suggestions about $pying

In 2012 the FTC’s ‘Best Practices for Companies That Use Facial Recognition Technologies‘ suggests, images of customers should be deleted after an indeterminate period of time.

The FTC goes on to say, they only provide guidance to businesses that spy on people! It doesn’t get any plainer than that, there isn’t a SINGLE government agency that wants to stop $pying on Americans.

With so much money at stake for companies and the Feds, it’s screw the Bill of Rights and reap the profits.

image credit: Steemit