Is Your Privacy Being Breached Online?


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You’ve taken the steps to protect your privacy, but do you really know what information is available about you online?

No matter how careful you are, there’s bound to be something about you available online. If you have a driver’s license, a Social Security number or mortgage, at least some of your personal information is a part of the public record.

And if it’s in the public record, it can be looked up through a targeted search.

One public records search site, , crawls through hundreds of millions of public records daily. This site transforms all of your available personal data into one easy-to-read report. With just a few clicks, you can see what others can find when they search you. In this way,

From state, federal and local databases to popular social media networks, any information available about you through public records can be collected into one convenient report. Armed with this data, you can take steps to protect your privacy online.

Previously, searching public records used to be a long and tedious task. However, has made it easy to learn more about what information is available about a person.

What can people find out about me online?

Your report may include the following data:

  • Date of birth and astrological sign
  • Personal phone number, as well as the carrier
  • Email addresses, including old email addresses
  • Current and prior addresses
  • Job history
  • Alma mater, as well as dates of graduation
  • Links to social media profiles
  • Criminal records
  • Traffic violations
  • Bankruptcy information
  • Evictions
  • And more

Basically, if it’s available in any public records, it could show up in your report. You might be surprised by what you find in your report. Maybe it includes a link to an old blog you forgot to delete, photos you didn’t realize were public, and email addresses that you forgot you had created.

Once you have this information, you can increase your privacy settings on social media accounts and delete old accounts you don’t want associated with your name.

Is TruthFinder safe?

is safe, secure and confidential. Using will not give your computer a virus or make you vulnerable to hackers.

The site uses a 128-bit encryption to secure connections to When you visit this site, you’ll notice that there is a green padlock in front of the “https” in the URL, which shows that the website has a verified and approved SSL certificate.

Additionally, does not store your credit-card information. Instead, it is stored with PCI-certified partners, which means that in the event that something happens to the website, your information will not be compromised.

If that doesn’t assure you that this site is safe to use, you should also know that passwords are completely private and are not recoverable. Member care representatives will never ask you for your password, and all emails will come from either .

How to use TruthFinder


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Using is easy. All you need is someone’s first and last name and last-known location. Enter their information in the search bar at the top of the home page. Within a few minutes, the website will aggregate all available data into an easy-to-read background report.

If there are several search results, you can narrow them down to find the report that most resembles the person you want to find. Look at their location history, relatives and possible names – if any of them look familiar, open their report. Don’t worry: With a membership, you can view as many reports as you want.

TruthFinder reports are easy to navigate. You can also download a PDF of the report and share it with your friends and family members.

TruthFinder reviews

If you don’t believe me that investing in will help you feel safer online and in person, take a look at some of these reviews:


“Extremely helpful site, and great customer service. Sometimes you need information. I’ll not elaborate but I’m glad the people who are saying people are entitled to their privacy have not needed this site.”

Lin P.

“I endorse this site. It helped me find a friend from long ago. Don’t knock it. … You may need it someday.”

Melody M.

“I came here to locate my biological father. There was very little info on him at but I located him through you. When he died with an entirely new family, I hadn’t heard from him in over forty years. I was able to give his sister closure.”

Trust, but verify with a TruthFinder membership

With a membership, users have unlimited access to background reports – which means they can look up almost anyone, from old classmates to neighbors.

Satisfy your curiosity about the people around you by looking them up, or use the website to learn more about people that are no longer a part of your life. A membership provides you with endless opportunities to learn more about yourself and those you know.

When you do a background search on anyone, they will never be notified that you searched for their report. Your search history is private, which means you can look up anyone confidentially and securely.

Don’t wait. Start your first search today with .