The Supreme Court must be restrained

We the American people now live in a day where the endlessly contradictory opinions of Judges somehow are supposed to determine which rights we have and which ones we do not. All too often, they fail to accurately interpret the Constitution, opting instead to impose arbitrary mandates without any real restraint. Not only that, but these so-called activist judges generally enjoy lifelong terms as if they are entitled to special treatment. By the very nature of our Republic, justices are inferior to the Constitution—and their opinions should not be taken seriously if they cannot understand, abide by, or at least respect the text of the founding document.

Marbury v. Madison (1803) was an unconstitutional Supreme Court case that set a radical precedent for judicial review. In this case, Chief Justice John Marshall declared that the Supreme Court may strike down laws as unconstitutional. Before Marbury v. Madison, the opinions of justices were rare in frequency and restrained in scope. Essentially, the Supreme Court enumerated itself with more power by reinterpreting the Constitution. This very court, an institution that is obligated to uphold the rules and framework of our government, has failed in numerous ways with an iron-fisted approach that spells nothing short of tyranny.

It was the Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) case, where the Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation in public facilities was legal, so as long they remained “separate but equal.” It was found in the Korematsu v. United States case (1944), that FDR’s wartime internment of Japanese-Americans, based solely on their nationality, was constitutional.

And was it not Roe v. Wade (1973) where the Supreme Court ruled that the slaughtering of unborn children was part of a woman’s right to privacy? Yet, they probably did not consider the supremacy of a baby’s right to life. There is no right to crime just because it is has been done privately. The United States Constitution protects all human lives, preventing arbitrary deaths without due process. Do these unborn children get their time in court before they are convicted of their crimes?

Our society has made a grave mistake of placing the men and women in robes on high pedestals as if they know all there is to know. We wait week after week, hoping and praying that some lawyer will be able to defend our liberty in a landmark case. What real limitations does the Supreme Court have? If the justices give an abhorrently illegal or immoral ruling, then the states simply should not comply.

The American citizenry must understand that liberty is a fundamental and eternal truth of our human condition. It will always prevail, as people will eventually reject oppression at its core. It is not subject to the opinion of a judge, a body of legislators, or a Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The American government must ultimately operate with the consent of the governed. If we surrender our sovereignty to the men and women in robes, who enjoy lifelong terms without practical means of impeachment, it is akin to the surrender of liberty itself. We the American people will only get so many more chances before we reach the point of no return. It is time to restrain the power of the Supreme Court once and for all. At this moment in history, there is only way to change our treacherous course.

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