VIDEO The Impeachment Agenda – Deep State Attempted Takedowns of Trump

by Cole Levine


We the people knew all along that the Democrat Party is out to impeach President Trump. They will use any Stalinist tactics at their disposal to destroy this man, his family, and his presidency. What they are doing is part of their effort to radically transform the United States.

Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel prosecutor who was unconstitutionally appointed (thanks Levin) to investigate the Trump Campaign, has released his report. After dragging the nation through 2 years of unnecessary division–using corrupt tactics, wasting tax dollars, and provoking hostility toward President Trump, his probe has found no evidence of collusion and cannot conclude that obstruction of justice occurred. (Firing James Comey, a subordinate, was within the president’s executive authority). I think Mueller’s report should be the final word. But the Democrats are now demanding Mueller to give testimony and Attorney General William Barr to silence himself. (They want Barr to cancel his press conference on the Special Counsel’s findings because they believe he is the president’s lapdog).

These desperate measures by the Democrats are to protect their own power. They cannot admit they were wrong, or anything else that would cause them to lose seats. Such measures are not, as they have argued, about promoting transparency for the citizenry. They are acting like disconnected elitists, as they plan to remove President Trump from office themselves instead of allowing the citizenry to decide in 2020. This is wrongheaded. The Framers of the Constitution thought impeachment should be reserved for presidents who commit “high crimes and misdemeanors” against the nation. President Trump has not been found to commit such crimes, and it is unclear what criminal activity Mueller was investigating from the beginning. (Collusion is not a crime). If anything, all the bad actors involved in this investigation should face justice. Top-level FBI officials facilitated illegal spying tactics on the Trump Campaign, according to constitutional scholar Mark Levin. We all should celebrate Levin, who recognized the malfeasance early on when it was less apparent.

So if anyone is undermining our constitutional republic, it is the Democrat Party. The American people are finally waking up to the sheer ugliness of their radicalism. We will continually need to stand up to them because they seek to impose tyranny through centralized government. When the 2020 presidential election comes around, we will have a very important choice to make. We can go further down the old and trodden path of totalitarianism, or we can re-elect a president who has enough courage to fight for our liberty and constitutional principles that we inherited from great men. No, he is not perfect. But at this defining moment in our history, we need him to take on the deep state.

Attempted Takedowns of Trump – Behind the Deep State

April 22, 2019


In this episode of Behind the Deep State, we break down the failed takedown of President Trump with the Mueller Report and Russian “collusion.” The Deep State is regrouping as we speak scheming the next flavor of the month in attempt to remove Trump from office.

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