VIDEO How social-justice-warrior students took over Evergreen college


EvergreenTwo years after social-justice warriors took over far-left Evergreen State College, the final segment of a three-part documentary on the saga has been released.

It came as the Board of Trustees met Thursday to discuss the fate of the president, George Bridges, whose attempt to appease the students only fueled the fire, Hot Air reported.

As WND reported, the protesters confronted a professor outside his office who questioned their “day without whites” plan, Bret Weinstein, and virtually held Bridges hostage in his office. Weinstein said campus police warned him against returning to campus, causing him to hold his biology class in a public park. He and and his wife, Professor Heather Heying, later resigned and reached a $500,000 settlement with the university in a lawsuit.

Part one of the documentary sets the stage for the protests, highlighting the push for “equity” introduced by Bridges included talk about white privilege and the need for reform.

Weinstein explains on camera there was a provision in faculty contracts requiring them to reflect on their own racism as part of their annual evaluations.

Part two features one of the professors who fueled the protest, Naima Lowe. It includes a clip of student protesters demanding from Bridges and the administration that Weinstein be fired. Bridges seems to be agreeing with the students that professors need political re-education and that raw power should be used to punish dissent.

In part three, many of the professors are shown surrendering to the protesters, allowing themselves to be told where to go and what to do to avoid being accused of racism.

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