Trump Calls for Protection of Free Speech Referring to Online Censorship of Conservatives

May 8, 2019


Over the past few years, we have seen the social media and internet giants censor conservatives and Christians.

In some cases, the censorship is reminiscent of censorship the British tried to impose on the American colonists.

It also resembles the censorship and book burning by Nazi Germany (Google and Amazon have tried to take action against some conservative books and materials such as the sale of firearms).

After last week’s blacklisting of several conservatives, President Trump finally spoke up and called for protections of free speech with specific emphasis of social media sites.

Flag & Cross – POTUS Pushes for Free Speech Protections After Online Culling of Conservative Views – It has been plain and obvious that some of the largest traffickers of data on the internet are no fans of conservative viewpoints.

Often, these companies are driven by young people, and very bright and revolutionary young people at that.  They’re young enough to have escaped some of the darker biases of the past, but they are perhaps too young to have the direct link to the knowledge necessary to prevent such atrocities from occurring again.

What these kids were taught in school about World War II was likely much different than what my generation was taught.  I vividly remember being made to memorize a timeline of events leading up to the conflict, as if to tell us “if, God forbid, you see these patterns again later in life, you need to remember what they led to”.

Censorship of opposing political viewpoints was part and parcel to the Nazi rise to power in the late 1930’s, and some of today’s tech giants are heading down that path once again…

Trump can call for free speech protections for online postings, but with Democrats in control of the House, no bill will ever pass.

If Trump uses an executive order, some leftist judge will block it.

I firmly believe that there are only two things that can save America and our rights.

First is a total reformation to sweep the nation and bring the people and government back to God.

Second, short of a reformation, is rebellion leading to a revolution where conservatives fight to win our country back from the grasp of those who are intent on destroying our nation.



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