VIDEO Europe’s Fate: Free or Lost, Decided in 2 Weeks – Black Robed Regiment

May 10, 2019 by David Jolly


What happens in Europe has a direct bearing on what happens here in the United States, so be warned that Europe is about decide if they will be free or lost.

Over the past year, we have heard a lot about Brexit – British Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan to leave the European Union. May and her fellow conservatives have realized that joining the EU was a big mistake as the EU has been doing its best to swallow up Great Britain’s sovereignty.

The European Union is nothing more than the Mini Me of the United Nations. Over the decades, the United Nations has morphed from a multinational coalition whose main purpose to keep peace and protect member nations from attack into a socialist multinational organization whose primary goal is to establish itself as the one world government to rule entire planet and the European nation is no different.

Over the past decade especially, the European Union has been steadily dictating to and usurping the governments of a number of European nations. With the war in Syria and other areas, Europe has seen a massive flood of Islamic refugees, immigrants and terrorists. When some countries saw the problem with the Middle Eastern and northern African immigrants, they tried closing their borders and sending many back. The European Union stepped in and tried to tell these nations that they had to accept as many of the refugees and immigrants as the EU dictated. The United Nations is trying to do the same thing and tried to tell President Trump how many thousands of these refugees he had to accept. Fortunately, Trump refused to allow the United Nations to dictate America’s immigration policies.


The nationalist or conservative political parties of 9 European nations have formed the Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom (MENF). Their goal is to work to stop the mass immigration into their counties and to recover their national sovereignty that has been taken by the European Union.

Their concern is an election that is scheduled to take place in Prague on May 23-26. The vote will determine the European Parliament moving forward. That vote could determine if Europe and its countries will remain free or if they will be swallowed up by and lost to the European Union.

President Tomio Okamura, President, Freedom and Direct Democracy party (SPD) and Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, emphasized the importance of the upcoming elections: English translation here:

“Dear friends, dear guests, dear Marine, dear Geert, dear colleagues, I warmly welcome you here in the historical center of the Czech capital. We stand here symbolically at the statue of St. Wenceslas. Under the banner of St. Wenceslas, our ancestors fought more than a thousand years of hard struggle for the freedom and sovereignty of the Czech crown countries….

“Today, Europeans are once again fighting for their survival. It is not just the migration of colonists from Africa and the Arab countries that is changing the face of Western Europe. It is also the growing assault from Brussels on the sovereignty of Europe’s nation states in the name of a multicultural superstate.

“For those who downplay this warning, I would like to mention a quote from the former President of the European Union, Herman Von Rompuy: ‘The time of the homogenous nation-state is over. Each European country has to be open for different cultures.’

“In contemporary Europe, the Brussels aristocracy has no place for nations, and no place for democracy either. The former President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, has been quoted as saying: ‘It is not the EU’s philosophy that the crowd can decide its destiny.’

“And for those who are still not sure about Europe’s ambitions, German Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Roth has called for replacing the principle of unanimity in EU decision-making with qualified majority voting.

“Dear Citizens, the mass immigration of millions of Africans and Muslims to Europe is no coincidence — it is a targeted liquidation of traditional European nation states, as well as the targeted destruction of traditional European values — hence the concept of the traditional family is being liquidated, and patriotism becomes a rude word, because these values ​​are the biggest obstacle to the demolition of nation states.

“It is up to us to decide whether we give up all that our ancestors have sacrificed their lives for, whether we will savor their memory, or defend their heritage….

Why is this important to us here in America? If you study history, you will see that quite often, America eventually follows in the footsteps of what happens in Europe. America’s Democrats side with the European Union and the United Nations. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton signed on to a number of UN treaties and resolutions that would have stripped America of our sovereignty, but fortunately, it takes a 67% vote in the Senate to ratify any foreign treaty or resolution and there have been enough Republicans to block the UN takeover.

As I said at the beginning, what happens in Europe has a direct impact on America as we, historically speaking, tend to follow many European trends. If the socialists win, European sovereignty will be lost. If America’s socialists, more commonly referred to Democrats, win the 2020 elections and gain control of the Senate and White House, America will also be lost.

The May 23-26 elections of the European Parliament will impact the future of millions of people and may be an indicator what direction America will taking.

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Bringing Back The Black Robed Regiment (Full Movie)

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