VIDEO Dem Adam Schiff Renews Effort to Repeal 1st Amendment – AOC Gets Schooled

May 11, 2019

Two hundred and fifty years ago, the American colonists had no freedom of speech.

Anything they said that was considered negative about their British rulers ended up getting them charged with sedition and they were summarily arrested and charged.

There is a reason that freedom of speech and freedom of religion were the subjects of the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

Our Founding Fathers wanted to guarantee that citizens of the new country would not be persecuted for speaking their minds in public.

However, for the second time in less than a decade, a Democrat proposed a constitutional amendment that would basically eliminate the First Amendment rights, and the movement is being pushed by top House Trump-hater Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Washington Examiner – Adam Schiff renews the Democratic war against the First Amendment – In September 2014, 54 Democratic senators voted to repeal the First Amendment of the Constitution.

They were supporting a proposed constitutional amendment by Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., whose stated goal was to overturn the Supreme Court’s landmark Citizens United decision, which struck down a host of dubious campaign finance rules.

It is probably not a coincidence that their party lost nine Senate seats later that year, or that 18 of the Democrats who voted for it are no longer senators.

Now, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., has proposed a similar amendment. It is not identical, yet it has the same core flaw. In their zeal to overturn the Citizens United decision, Democrats want to abolish the freedom of political speech, which, if such distinctions can be made, is the most important form of speech protected by the amendment…

If you have noticed that every since Obama squatted in the White House, that Democrats in general have become bolder in their effort to strip conservatives of their constitutional rights.

They are busy trying to strip us of our Second Amendment rights to bear arms; our Fourth Amendment rights that prohibit illegal search and seizure as well as the Tenth Amendment that leaves most of the authority of government in the hands of the States.

The Obama administration launch its war to strip Christian of their First Amendment right of freedom of religion.

Social media and internet giants, all controlled by socialist Democrats, have been blatantly violating the First Amendment right of free speech.

Not only have some Democrats called for the repeal of the Second Amendment, but now there is an effort to repeal the First Amendment, which would make every Christian and conservative a criminal.



Original here

Gutfeld on Democrat’s inflammatory free speech comment

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