DOJ Indicts News Leaker

May 11, 2019

During the first two and half years of the Trump administration, there have been more leaks of news, classified and sensitive information than in all of Obama’s 8 years.

Trump promised the American people that he would find out who the leakers were and make sure they were held accountable for their actions.

One of the things that William Barr stated when he took over as Attorney General was that he also intended to plug up the leaks in the Trump administration.

On Thursday, it was revealed that former intelligence analyst Daniel Everette Hale had been indicted for illegally obtaining national defense information and then leaking that information to a member of the media.

We Love Trump – President Trump Just Caught a Leaker! Criminal Indictment! – We keep telling you the swamp is most certainly being drained!

I know there is frustration because it’s taking so long, but rest assured, it’s happening!

Piece by piece it’s happening.

President Trump is systematically deconstructing the criminal apparatus that was aimed at him.

One element is plugging the leaks and charging the leakers, and he just caught a big one!

Check this out:

Nick Short


An indictment was unsealed today charging a former intelligence analyst, Daniel Everette Hale, with illegally obtaining classified national defense information and disclosing it to a reporter. …

Here’s more on the story, from ABC News:

A former U.S. government intelligence analyst and Air Force veteran is charged with leaking classified information to a journalist, who then published the information in online reports, according to court documents unsealed Thursday.

It’s the latest case in a Trump Justice Department crackdown on leakers…

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that there was a network of anti-Trump people working within the federal government when Trump took office.

It’s also be revealed that a number of those federal employees were part of an organized coup attempt meant to bring Trump down.

With the excess number of leaks, there are still anti-Trumpers working in the federal government, but as we see here, they are steadily being discovered and charged.



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