VIDEO KISS Singer Gene Simmons Gives Emotional Speech At Pentagon Ahead Of White House Visit

(Tea Party PAC) – These days, all the viterol and hatred the younger generations and elderly far-left hacks have for America quickly appears to be beyond petty and foolish when you measure up their hatred against those who appreciate this nation for the incredible power for good it has been.

Our nation has nothing close to a perfect history, but those who claim the nation is a force for evil rarely compare it against other world powers of today and throughout history.

When you compare the US to every powerful government that has ever existed, none of them can even dream of comparing to the amazing amount of good our nation has done.

And, flaws and all, it is still grossly intellectually dishonest to dismiss our nation as “racist” or “colonia” when you consider the evil powers our nation has stood up against.

The world would be a very different, and much less free place, were the US not at the center of the world stage today.

Legendary KISS rocker Gene Simmons visited the Pentagon and later the White House Thursday, and during his visit to our nation’s national security epicenter he gave an emotional speech about his love for our great nation.

You see, Simmons immigrate to the US as a child from Israel, the son of a Holocaust concentration camp survivor.

After greeting the troops, Simmons choked up as he discussed his recently deceased 93-year-old mother’s love for our country, explaining she’d given birth to him in Israel just before moving to the US.

Simmons said that while he is from what is known as the Promised Land, we should take it from him that “America is the Promised Land”.

Here is the powerful video of his visit:

Consider how powerful it is that Simmons, one of the great counter-culture icons of our time, is tearing up in the Pentagon talking about how great our nation is.

Today’s rock stars whine and moan about the nation in which they live the American dream, but no doubt through all the rocking and rolling Simmons never once lost sight of the country that made his dream possible and gave refuge to his brave mother who survived hell in a Nazi concentration camp.

This should humble all the hip young America-haters out there to no end.

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