House Dems Vote to Extend Power of Judiciary Committee in Quest to Destroy Trump

June 14, 2019

When Robert Mueller’s report failed to indict President Trump of any crime, some House Democrats decided they would pursue their own desire to find a way to charge Trump with a crime and remove him from office.

Leading the charge of House Democrats is Jerry Nadler, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, who has been trying to subpoena Attorney General William Barr and many others associated with Trump.

After Barr refused to comply to a Nadler subpoena, Nadler got House Democrats to hold Barr in contempt of Congress.

In a vote that was strictly upon party lines, House Democrats extended the legal powers of the House Judiciary Committee in hopes that the extended powers will lead to the impeachment of Trump.

The Hill – Dem committees win new powers to investigate Trump – The House voted Tuesday to grant new legal powers to a key committee investigating the Trump administration, handing Democrats another tool in their battle to bore deeper into Robert Mueller‘s report on Russia’s election meddling and potential obstruction by President Trump.

The 229-191 vote broke down strictly along partisan lines with no defectors from either party, highlighting the entrenched divisions on Capitol Hill between Democrats accusing Trump of conducting a “cover-up” related to Mueller’s findings, and Republicans fighting to protect their White House ally from what they consider a political “witch hunt” heading into 2020.

The resolution empowers the House Judiciary Committee to go before a federal court in seeking the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) compliance with subpoenas for disputed materials and witness testimony. Two figures are named explicitly in the text: Attorney General William Barr, who has refused to release some parts of Mueller’s report and the underlying documents; and Don McGhan, the former White House counsel who has defied a Democratic subpoena to appear before the committee.

But in a late-debate twist, Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) announced Monday that he’s reached a deal with DOJ officials to access “Mueller’s most important files.” …

Nadler’s committee has already tried to subpoena documents involved with Trump’s Census citizenship question, forcing Trump to exercise his executive privilege to keep the documents out of the hands of Nadler and his henchmen.

Giving Nadler and his committee more legal power doesn’t mean that they will gain any more information or documents from the Trump administration and officials.

Chances are, as Nadler tries to wield his bigger sword that Trump will equally wield his even bigger executive privilege to ward off any and all swipes that Nadler takes at him.

After all, Barack Obama did the same thing when congressional Republicans subpoenaed thousands of documents pertaining to Operation Fast and Furious and to prevent Eric Holder from testifying before congressional Republicans.



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