Selective enforcement has invalidated U.S.C. 1001

Published by Chief Editor, Sammy Campbell. Researched by Mark Pullen.

In this article, we will cover the FBI’s cover-up of violations of 18 U.S.C. Section 1001 at the direction of the Department of Justice. We will cast doubt on Special Agent Peter Strzok’s memory on his interviewing of Michael Flynn. We will cast doubt that Michael Flynn did knowingly make a false statement to FBI agents, Peter Strzok and Joseph Pientka.

One of two lies that Hillary Clinton told to FBI agents. This lie is as bad as her, we landed under sniper fire, lie, in that there were so many witnesses to dispute her claim.

HRC said she always secured the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) at her two homes when vacant. The FBI’s report shows HRC had the regular practice of leaving the two SCIFs doors open. When HRC was away, she would direct her staff to send classified content to her homes’ SCIFs. Marina Santos (no security clearance) or Justin Cooper (no security clearance) would be tasked to enter the SCIF(s) to collect the classified document(s).

On this page, we see the FBI’s report of Justin Cooper’s account of the SCIF’s door(s). Note: The FBI agent(s) did not record that Cooper went into the SCIF.

Here are the handwritten notes for the previous report page. The second red arrow is pointing to a lie by the FBI agent. Justin Cooper did enter the SCIF to retrieve faxed classified documents. Cooper admits this point after lying to the agent, saying he never entered the SCIF. According to the agent’s notes, it’s possible that Clinton left the safe open too.

Here is the report page that shows people did enter the SCIF to collect documents from the secure fax machine. We defeated the redaction of names by reviewing the released emails of Hillary Clinton by the Department of State. We found no record in the FBI’s report that Marina Santos was interviewed.

Here is an email that shows Clinton wasn’t at home when she tasked Justin Cooper to enter the SCIF to collect a document from the secure fax machine.

From the Inspector General’s report. Justin Cooper has lied to FBI agents as shown in their text message exchanges. The Department of Justice is banning any charge of 18 U.S.C. Section 1001 in this case

The three pages after this page show Mills and Abedin lied to FBI agents about their knowledge of Clinton’s email server. What makes their lies astounding is they both had accounts on the server.

Read the agents’ accounts of Paul Combetta’s truthfulness on his part on the destruction of evidence under the protection of a subpoena.

During the interview, both agents referred to phone transcripts of Flynn phone calls to refresh Flynn’s memory. What changed in the 20 days that Strzok delayed his writing of this summary? Robert Mueller concealed this delay from the court. The court order Mueller to produce the summary.

On 4–28-18 we found this texts exchange between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. This is about the summary of the Flynn interview. Remember, Strzok delayed the writing for 20 days, which is a violation of FBI policy. Upon finding these texts exchanges, we wonder if summaries were being altered. At the time we didn’t know this pertained to Flynn’s FBI interview. Why did Andrew McCabe want to review this summary? McCabe wasn’t there, hence, he can’t know the accuracy. Was McCabe wanting a certain outcome reported in the summary?

We draw your attention to the top text message written by Peter Strzok. While this text is a before Flynn’s interview by agent Strzok, it speaks to his credibility. Strzok admits to Page that he has violated his integrity. How many times as he has done this, and what did he do? Lie? Alter summaries?

Then there’s the credibility of Robert Mueller, or the lack thereof. We only bring this up because Mueller charged Flynn, and we have found evidence that he or his staff have altered evidence in his report. What other evidence did he cause to be altered?

Closing statement to the jury.

Your verdict will reach farther than to affect Michael Flynn’s life. The government’s case is based on a summary by an agent, Peter Strzok, who admitted to violating his integrity in his official duties. He violated FBI policy in the delay of the writing of the summary for 20 days. How many of you can remember word for word what was said 20 days ago? There was no recording made of the interview. Robert Mueller who brought the case against Michael Flynn has altered evidence.

Then there’s the concept that the government is now practicing in the two-tiered application of justice. We proved beyond a shadow of any doubt that the Department of Justice is not enforcing 18 U.S.C. Section 1001 equally to all citizens. In fact, we showed the great lengths James Comey went to under oath to excuse the lies told to his agents by Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. We showed Hillary Clinton told two lies to FBI agents. Moreover, the actions she lied about did endanger national security. Lest you forget about Paul Combetta, he destroyed evidence under an order of protection by a subpoena and lied to FBI agents.

We believe a guilty verdict will sustain this abhorrent behavior by the government, and it is not just to bring a guilty verdict when there is so much doubt in this case. So, we ask you to bring a not guilty verdict.

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