U.N. agency becomes Trump ally on immigration

Helping to bus migrants back south


United Nations flags

President Trump has a highly unlikely ally in his fight for a secure U.S. border, an international agency that is part of the United Nations, a body that routinely advocates for open borders, reports Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

David North writes at the Center for Immigration Studies that the little-mentioned group is busing migrants back to Mexico.

“When you think of allies of the Trump administration, you usually do not think of those in favor of international migration, nor those allied to the United Nations, but one such entity is helping U.S. policies in a significant way – it is busing thwarted Central American migrants from Mexican border cities back to the Northern Triangle,” he wrote.

“These once potential illegal aliens in our nation are now on their way back to Central America.”

He said the work is being done by the Geneva-based International Organization for Migration.

“Recently there have been passing mentions of these southeast-bound buses in the New York Times and in the Washington Post,” he explained. “In the Times piece there was this about other busing back to the homeland: ‘But most migrants said that they could not afford 3,000 pesos, or about $155 for a private one-way bus ticket to Central America: their money had already gone to smugglers who guided them to the United States.’”

He said it makes sense to be “getting as many of these people – all as volunteers – back to their homelands, as soon as possible,” because “anyone who is stuck just south of our border may make an effort to enter the U.S. illegally.”

U.N. agency becomes Trump ally on immigration

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