VIDEO Calling Us ‘Racist’? Bring It On! – Incredibly Wise Civil Rights Activist: Dems “Use Race as a Shield”

Patrice Lewis to parroting lefties: ‘You know it’s a lie, and we know it’s a lie’

Once upon a racist time, a little racist gender-neutral girl skipped through the racist forest until she came to a racist cottage in a racist clearing. “I wonder what racist lives here?” she wondered. She knocked on the racist door, but no racist answered, so she opened the racist door and poked her racist head inside. She saw three racist bowls of racist porridge on the racist table …

Are your eyes glazing over yet?

It’s a funny thing about language, but if you use a word too much, you tend to ignore it. It loses its meaning. It becomes just a sound, something to gloss over. That’s why many conservatives now collectively yawn whenever the left throws blanket accusations of “racism” against them.

But this increasingly desperate strategy is what progressives cling to, because it used to work. “[W]hen leftists have no other winning argument, they falsely accuse others of racism,” writes the great Walter Williams. “Republicans cower at the charge and often give the leftists what they want.”

(As a side note, this is also why middle America is no longer enchanted with Republicans, because they cower and apologize and lurch to the left at the slightest attack.)

One of the reasons Donald Trump is so popular is because he laughs in the face of leftists who accuse him of racism. Rather than cowering down and apologizing (I seem to remember Jeb Bush literally doing that very thing), he chuckles, doubles down and shines a mirror back in the faces of the accusers. “So you’re calling me a racist? Bring it on!”

The left knows this accusation is a lie. Trump knows it’s a lie. Ordinary Americans know it’s a lie. But because “racism” has always worked in the past – resulting in Republicans cowering and giving leftists what they want – the accusations keep on coming.

Except it’s not working any more. The term has become a meaningless sound. Racist! Racist! Racist! Blah! Blah! Blah!

The funny thing is most Americans are perfectly happy to ignore skin color and merely judge a person by the content of his character, as someone famously said. But it’s the left who won’t – can’t – let skin color go. As their extreme demands become more hysterical and ridiculous, they eternally fall back on the tried-and-true claim of “racism” whenever they don’t get their way.

Meanwhile the left is displaying breathtaking acts of racism that are entirely overlooked because, well, they’re leftists. Did you know, for example, that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has begun purging white staffers en masse after complaints were made about a “lack of racial diversity within the organization”? Rather than concentrating on someone’s credentials (or character), Dems are concentrating on melanin content. (Incidentally, this controversy has “sidetracked the organization as it seeks to expand the party’s majority in the House in the 2020 election.”)

Then along comes our favorite racist, Rep. Ilhan Omar, who loathes Jews and said America should be afraid of “white men” rather than Islamic jihadis because, after all, it’s white men who are causing most of the deaths.

And, of course, there’s the huge progressive meltdown when Trump dared to accuse Baltimore of being a rat-infested hellhole, despite the fact that Elijah Cummings himself admitted as much.

Did you know there ARE rats in Baltimore? Some even have two legs. Make no mistake, Baltimore has problems: poor schools, filthy conditions, homelessness, homicides … is it racist to ask where the Democrat-led city’s money went that should have been used to address these problems? (In fact, there’s a one-word answer: corruption.)

“Calling someone ‘racist’ has become the default position for liberal politicians and certain members of the media who wish to deflect attention from real problems,” says columnist Cal Thomas about the Baltimore issues.

Ironically, it’s “racist” Trump who’s working to fix up rat-infested Baltimore. According to Dr. Ben Carson – who knows Baltimore very, very well, since he spent nearly 30 years at Johns Hopkins Hospital – the administration is making efforts to revitalize Baltimore (without, it must be said, any help from Elijah Cummings). Carson acknowledged that with “all the bad press” the administration gets, “it will take a longer period of time for people to realize that [Trump’s programs are] actually helping them.”

The bottom line over this whole “racist” hoopla is progressives simply do not want people to stand on their own two feet and be independent. They far prefer to have everyone dependent on government largesse. Dependent people are far easier to control.

This is why every Democratic presidential candidate has suddenly lurched to the extreme far-left and is trying to outdo each other in offering government freebies. Freebies increase dependency. Democrats – especially the current crop of far-left politicians vying for presidency – understand very well how important it is to breed dependent citizens. Independent people are far too ornery to keep under control.

“[T]he greatest problem facing the United States today is not racism; it is the disappearance of the can-do attitude that built the country,” states columnist Laura Hollis. “We’ve lost the sense of individual responsibility for our problems, and that’s bad enough. But what’s worse, we’re losing faith in our ability to solve our problems. This acquired sense of helplessness is catastrophic, and it has paralyzed large swaths of the American public – rural, urban and suburban. … Encouraging dependence upon government not only creates generations of helpless people; it inures them to government’s ineffectiveness.”

According to historian Bill Federer, “‘Racism’ has been redefined to mean anyone opposing big government dependency welfare programs.” This is why the left’s position is to constantly shriek about racism. They are, in fact, shrieking against anyone with a strong, independent spirit.

How sad progressives can’t recognize America for the greatness it provides: the chance for people of every race, class, income level, creed and endless other variables to rise from poverty into security. That, folks, is what makes America great, as millions of legal immigrants will tell you.

The left will continue to call everyone racist. Fine, bring it on. You know it’s a lie, and we know it’s a lie. The 2020 election will demonstrate one vital truth: People who aren’t racist don’t like being called such.

When 2020 comes, voters are going to remember who called them racists … and who called them Americans.

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VIDEO: Sen Warren Slammed by Incredibly Wise Civil Rights Activist: Dems “Use Race as a Shield”

Aug 1, 2019

The video below is one of the best interviews on race in America because the man speaking is Bob Woodson, the founder of the Woodson Institute.

He defines the words ‘wisdom and grace’.

Tucker Carlson asks Mr. Woodson about Senator Elizabeth Warren’s claims during the Democratic debate, that just about everything is racist (see video below).

Mr. Woodson’s response is incredibly wise:

“All white people could go to Europe tomorrow, and the conditions in the inner city wouldn’t change.” – Mr. Bob Woodson


During the Democratic debate last night Warren read from a list of all things racist under President Trump. We agree with Jim Hanson that she sounds like a “lunatic” with the long list of things deemed racist. If everything is racist, nothing is racist!

Senator Warren wins the Everything is Racist category With this bilge

We live in a country where the President is advancing

Environmental racism

Economic racism

Criminal Justice racism &

Healthcare racism

Never go full pander

You sound like a lunatic

Does she really believe what she’s saying?

Original here


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