Silenced: YouTube Censorship Ramps Up as 17,000 Channels Removed

YouTube has been criticized by the political establishment for not censoring enough of their users, so like cattle falling in line, the company removed over 17,000 channels and 100,000 videos for “hate speech.” They used their definition and the political elitists’ definition of hate speech: things said that don’t support the official government narrative.

While some applaud the censorship, others see it for what it is: the cornerstone of tyranny.

The U.S’s Own ‘Ministry of Truth’ Unleashed The Military to Fight “Disinformation”

Below is a quote from a “trusted news source” so the Ministry of Truth will be able to decide what the official narrative is.

In a blog post on Tuesday, YouTube said it had removed more than 100,000 videos and over 17,000 channels for violating its hate speech rules in April through June, which is five times more than it removed in the previous three months. It also took down over 500 million comments over hate speech.

YouTube attributed the increase to its recent efforts to counter the proliferation of hate content. In June, the company updated its hate speech policy to include a ban on supremacist content and the removal of videos that deny well-documented atrocities, such as the Holocaust, and the 2012 shooting rampage at Sandy Hook elementary school. –CNN

YouTube, which is owned by Google, also said it’s been able to remove more objectionable content before it was widely viewed — efforts that have resulted in an 80% decrease in views on content that is later taken down for violating YouTube’s rules.  That means they’ve been successful at scrubbing information that goes against the mainstream and what the political overlords want you to have access to.

Just last week, YouTube said it was more important to be an open platform, but their propaganda came just days after a massive purge. Nothing compared to the recent removal of channels, however. YouTube has also removed videos that expose their censorship scheme and blacklisting agenda in order to control and manipulate the flow of information.

CENSORSHIP: Google Censors New Video Exposing Google

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9 thoughts on “Silenced: YouTube Censorship Ramps Up as 17,000 Channels Removed

      1. My pleasure! After I reblogged your post I was going through my mail and two YouTube channels, the Next News Network and ABC News has been removed and I don’t think the Next News Network realizes they have been removed, they keep sending me notifications!!


      2. I wonder what YouTube found conservative about ABC News. It is too bad Next News Network is removed. Someone has to build a conservative alternative. Thank you for adding your comments.


      3. For the life of me I don’t understand why they got rid of ABC News and today I discovered three more that were removed, he’s a computer programmer and he takes on scammers and it’s so funny what he does to the to the scammers, and these two I’m really going to miss, “The Ocean Cleanup” and “National Geographic” I swear they had a bunch of chimps pressing buttons on what gets removed!?


      4. Your explanation of how they deleted channels is humorous…it could be true.

        Bad guys usually don’t like their dirty work revealed. It appears YouTube is helping the buy guys keep their dirty work covered up.


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