VIDEO Dennis Prager challenges PC and PG-13 rating for his documentary

Free-speech film’s animation deemed ‘way to strong and violent’


Animated scene from “No Safe Spaces” that gave the film a PG-13 (Courtesy “No Safe Spaces”)

Author and radio talk-show host Dennis Prager is protesting the PG-13 rating given to his upcoming film with comedian-podcaster Adam Carolla about the erosion of First Amendment rights in America.

“No Safe Spaces,” a documentary scheduled for release Oct. 25, drew the rating because of a 30-second animated clip of “Firsty,” a walking, talking document symbolizing free speech who gets shot up with bullet holes,” the Hollywood Reporter reports.

“Any kid who sees it will probably laugh,” Prager wrote in his letter of protest to MPAA head Charles Rivkin.

Prager, arguing Firsty doesn’t die, says he seeks “with all of my work to make content that is suitable for all ages.”

His worry is that the rating will dissuade some parents from taking their children to see the movie.

Prager wrote that the PG-13 rating “would not reinforce people’s faith in MPAA’s ratings.”

The ratings board, the Hollywood Reporter noted, is made up of nine parents who live in various parts of the U.S. and reflect “the diversity of American parents.”

The Hollywood paper said insiders say the MPAA called the scene in which Firsty is shot up “way too strong and violent” for a PG rating.

The movie will debut in Phoenix, Arizona, then be released nationwide through Atlas Distribution.

‘Entitled snowflakes’ bode ill for future

In July, WND published exclusively a clip from the film, which has Prager and Carolla visiting college campuses across the country and interviewing students and professors, comedians and commentators on the left and right. Some have been victims of censorship.

See the clip:

Carolla is host of the world’s No. 1 podcast, and Prager is known for his radio show, columns and PragerU, which itself has been the target of censorship for its politically incorrect views.

The film also features dramatic and comedic recreations of life-shaping moments in the lives of Prager and Carolla, including Prager’s visit to the Soviet Union.

The film project began in 2017 with an Indiegogo campaign that raised $684,684.

“Entitled snowflakes on college campuses raging and screaming every time they encounter an idea they disagree with,” the film’s Indiegogo page said. “These stories might be somewhat amusing if they weren’t such a dangerous indication of what’s to come. Trigger warnings, micro-aggressions, the suppression of free speech, and other illogical ideas born on campuses are proliferating and spreading out into the real world.

“Today’s campus snowflake is tomorrow’s teacher, judge, or elected official,” it said. “And if that doesn’t scare you, maybe you should reconsider. No matter where you live or what you do, if you don’t think they way they do, they will attempt to silence and punish you.”

See the trailer:

Prager challenges Hollywood’s rating for his cartoon documentary

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