VIDEO Changes in USPS Mail Subsidy Shipments… Trump Still Winning – GOP NC Sweep – Dinner

Peter Navarro Outlines Changes in USPS Mail Subsidy for Chinese Shipments

During an interview with Fox Business Maria Bartiromo White House Trade and Manufacturing Advisor Peter Navarro outliness how the USPS, the postal system, has been heavily subsidizing “incoming mail of a number of countries to the tune of hundreds of million dollars a year.”  Navarro notes he is meeting with foreign ambassadors and representatives of the State Department at the Blair House in Washington, D.C., to work on changes to the current mail system.

Additionally, Navarro explained that he will be traveling to Geneva, Switzerland, on Sept. 23 for a third “Extraordinary Congress” and there will be two issues/options on the ballot: (1) allows all countries in the postal union to self-declare rates, ending a terminal dues system that costs countries to subsidize incoming mail. (2) A “multispeed approach,” allowing the U.S. to self-declare rates immediately.

Peter Navarro Outlines Changes in USPS Mail Subsidy for Chinese Shipments…

The Nuclear Option: Trump Is Still Winning. Here’s Why


The story is as old as politics and sports.

A politician goes campaigning in a far-off land and seeks to gin up the audience by invoking local, beloved sports lore — only to get it all wrong.

Sure as the Washington Redskins will lose their next game, those voters punish the politician 10 times more grievously for that single sports gaffe than if he had, say, blundered some vitally important fact about deficits or nuclear weaponry.

In 2004, John Kerry was in Wisconsin when he butchered the name of the Green Bay Packers’ hallowed Lambeau Field, calling the stadium “Lambert” Field.

In 2012, Mitt Romney — the Republican version of John Kerry — tried to show his race track cred at the Daytona 500 by declaring his devotion to NASCAR.

“I have some great friends that are NASCAR team owners.”


And in perhaps the greats sports pander of all time, Chicago-born Hillary Clinton threw her lifelong beloved Cubs under the team bus and pledged fealty to the New York Yankees — just as she was gearing up to run for the Senate.

“The fact is, I’ve always been a Yankees fan,” she said at the time. As always, with the Clintons, the tell for when they are lying is when they say “truth” or “fact.”

Then along comes President Trump, for whom all the laws of politics seem to be suspended.

At a rollicking campaign rally in North Carolina on Monday, Mr. Trump decided to talk some football. Not an altogether bad choice in the land of the Carolina Panthers.

“Tom Brady had a pretty good game the other night, right?” he said somewhat tentatively, referring to the New England Patriots’ longtime star quarterback and the savage 33-3 beat down he delivered to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Surprisingly, a number of Trump supporters cheered, though some in the audience gamely booed.

Unfazed, Mr. Trump continued to prod and needle the crowd.

“How good a coach — whether you like it or not, and I know you’re North Carolina — but how good a coach, in all fairness, right, is Coach Belichick?”

The crowd’s cheers dimmed, perhaps growing tired of the president’s taunting game. After all, the Patriots have won six Super Bowls. The Carolina Panthers haven’t won their first.

“I know you want to be cool,” Mr. Trump told his hushing fans. “But he’s pretty good, right? We have to appreciate genius. We all like genius.”

And then he dropped it.

Within a minute, Mr. Trump was back to talking about guns and God and glory and the raucous crowd was back to swinging from the rafters and hooting their lungs out for their “favorite president.”

That scene perfectly sums up the difference between Mr. Trump and all the fakers and frauds who came before him. Mr. Kerry’s “Lambert” Field flub and Mr. Romney’s NASCAR car wreck revealed what monumental fakers both men are.

Like many politicians, they were trying to be something they were not — and completely exposed themselves.

Mr. Trump never tries to be something he is not. He is always focused on selling himself as the consistent same product wherever he is. The conversations he has with people in private are pretty much the exact same conversations he has with people in public.

Mrs. Clinton’s naked pandering between Chicago and New York reveals what political whores the Clintons have always been. They can be trusted by absolutely no one.

Mr. Trump, on the other hand, cherishes the opportunity to speak the hard truth, even when people don’t want to hear it. It’s why so many people cringe over his “impolitic” comments.

The reason Mr. Trump’s North Carolina supporters did not cheer Bill Belichick’s name is not that they think he is a terrible coach. They didn’t cheer his name because they know President Trump was telling them the hard truth about how good a coach he really is.

President Trump’s purposeful foray into the politics of football may have cost him some momentary cheers there in North Carolina. But it reminded everyone how much he loves to win and what a “stable genius” he is.

Dems Hypocrisy Proven in Wake of Republican Sweep in N.C.



Dems Hypocrisy Proven in Wake of Republican Sweep in N.C.

In a play that shows their hypocrisy — and reveals the truth — key Democrats have admitted that President Donald Trump is at least partially responsible for the Republican sweep of the special elections in North Carolina earlier this week. Democrats — who always seem to want to have it both ways — have been caught talking out of both sides of their faces this time. Because the same President Trump they correctly claim helped bring about that Republican sweep is the same President Trump they claim is irrelevant and will easily be defeated in 2020.

A little background for anyone who missed it: In two special elections earlier this week in North Carolina, the Republican candidates wiped the floor with their Democrat rivals after President Trump threw his support behind those Republicans. State Senator Dan Bishop won his special election race for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. And Dr. Greg Murphy handily defeated his rivals to take the Third Congressional District race.

Democrats — who spent millions and millions hoping to gain those seats — are unhappy.

In their unhappiness, some of those Democrats seem to have forgotten their “Trump is irrelevant and ripe for defeat” talking points. Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairwoman Cheri Bustos released a statement after the trouncing that attempted to rally the troops and save face. In that statement, she attempted to spin the facts to make it seem that something unfair had happened to cause the Republican victory in the 9th District race. She wrote, “We fell an inch short tonight, but it took more than $6 million in outside Republican spending and a last-minute Trump rally” to send Democratic candidate Dan McCready home to lick his wounds.

There is some truth in her claims, but — as per usual from the DCCC — there is some misleading going on there, too. True enough, outside spending — primarily from national party committees — gave Bishop an additional $5.8 million in help for his campaign. But the rest of the story is that his actual campaign only spent $1.9 million. So with the money from the campaign and the outside spending, Bishop’s campaign tallied up to $7.7 million for the race. But his Democrat opponent, Dan McCready, spent $4.7 million in campaign money and had another $1.4 million in outside spending. That equals $6.1 million. So the money gap is not as wide as Bustos would imply.

The reality is that — with the spending gap being relatively inconsequential — the difference was made up by President Trump’s support. That must really frost Democrats.

The president realizes the impact of his assist. After the clean sweep, he tweeted, “Dan Bishop was down 17 points 3 weeks ago. He then asked me for help, we changed his strategy together, and he ran a great race. Big Rally last night.” As the results were not yet confirmed, he added, “Now it looks like [Bishop] is going to win.”

The story in the victory of Greg Murphy over Democrat Allen Thomas in the coastal Third District is different but illustrates the salient point that Trump’s rising tide raises all ships.

Of course these facts — acknowledged at least in part by Democrats — do not fit with the picture Democrats have been painting of President Trump as a washed-up president on his way out of the White House. Because washed-up presidents hurt their party’s candidates; they don’t help them sweep two special elections in one state.

This rings a good bell for the president for 2020. Following this, Democrats — who seem to have little to offer other than the “anyone but Trump” variety of candidates — should realize that they may be in for a similar trouncing in their ill-fated bid for the White House in 2020.

Image: Veronaa / iStock / Getty Images Plus

VIDEO President Trump Delivers Remarks During Republican Dinner – Baltimore, Maryland

Tonight President Trump will be delivering remarks at the 2019 House Republican Conference Member Retreat Dinner from Baltimore, Maryland.  The anticipated start time is 7:15pm EDT.

WH Livestream Link – RSBN Livestream Link – Fox News Livestream Link



President Trump Delivers Remarks During Republican Dinner – Baltimore, Maryland, 7:15pm EDT Livestream

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